Åbent brev fra Preben Maegaard til præsident Obama

Dear Barack,

Thank you for your letter today.

To make it clear: It is a BIG, BIG disappointment and surprise that during your regime, that after 34 years moratorium, USA yesterday announced it will re-initiate atomic energy and will build new reactors.

Do you expect me to make a donation in support of this kind a policy to change the country to the worse and become a miserable example to the rest of the world?

Today a wide range of mature, cheap and efficient renewable energy solutions available. There is absolutely no need for the antiquated atomic energy technology.

Atomic energy is NOT safe, cheap and abundant. It belongs to the museum of technology.

The waste problems are after 50 years of intensive research in all major industrial countries NOT solved and have thus no solution.

400,000 tons of highly reactive waste worldwide is a threat and crime against mankind and any living creature on earth.

Did you in USA not hear about the Fukushima disaster last year in Japan? A country with the highest safety standards. Germany took the consequence and closed immediately 9 atomic power reactors and will phase out the rest before 2020. How comes it that the US will go the opposite way?

China in the last 5 years installed more wind power than USA did during 30 years. Why so? Solar and wind power technologies presently are the fastest growing industrial sectors worldwide. USA’s role in this transition and movement is crucial.

Who is ruling in the USA? The big, old multinational corporations with their dirty, inefficient and dangerous energy technologies OR you, the president on behalf of the people?

Kind regards
Preben Maegaard,
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy,
International positions:
Chairperson, WCRE, World Council for Renewable Energy
Senior Vicepresident, EUROSOLAR
President Emeritus, WWEA, World Wind Energy Association
Address: Sdr. Ydby, DK-7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark
Tel.: +45 9795 6600, +45 9795 6677. Mobil -45 2127 6677

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